Fire Extinguisher Services

Whether your business needs annual fire extinguisher servicing or 6/12-year maintenance, Fire Safety Services’ expert team is here to help.

Close-up Of A Male Professional Checking A Fire Extinguisher Using Clipboard

Our extinguisher services include:

  • Annual inspections, maintenance, and repairs
  • Recharging services
  • Service estimates for replacement equipment
  • 5-year hydro testing for C02, water, foam, and class K wet chemical extinguishers
  • 6-year maintenance and service
  • 12-year hydro testing for dry chemical extinguishers

Have a large number of extinguishers that need monthly inspections?

No problem. We can come to you.

During our visit, we’ll look for…

  • Inaccurate pressure gauges
  • Missing pins and safety seals
  • Damaged or cracked hoses
  • Unclear instructions on the fire extinguishers
  • Improper placement or obstruction of extinguishers

We offer automatic account scheduling for recurring services. So, you don’t have to remember when maintenance is required. We’ll take care of it for you.

Extinguishers can also be serviced at our Huntsville headquarters. Drop in during business hours—we’d love to see you.

Need a fire extinguisher serviced?

From annual inspections to maintenance and repairs—we’re here to help service one or all of your fire extinguishers.