PPE Cleaning & Repair Services

True North Decon™ Bag / 75L

The Decon™ Bag has a very important job; to protect the firefighter from cancer-causing contaminates left on dirty turnout gear.

With its airtight design and abrasion-resistant construction, this roomy bag reliably traps soiled gear and prevents carcinogens on PPE from migrating to the apparatus’ cabin until items can be safely laundered. The durability of the 210D coated Nylon combined with welded seams allows the Decon™ Bag to be washed and hung to dry for re-use.


  • Roll-top design keeps contaminates sealed in
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Airtight, waterproof construction
  • Welded seams withstand up to 2x more stress
  • Holds up to repeated laundering
  • Fits into the AMABILIS® 80L Duffel

Is it time to take your decon procedures to the next level?