Industrial Services

DOT Cylinder Requalification

Fire Safety Services of Ohio is a DOT approved facility. We offer cylinder requalification through traditional hydro testing and/or ultrasonic examination (UE) on a broad range of cylinders.

Hydrostatic & UE Testing

We offer traditional hydro and the latest UE testing for many cylinder types, including:

  • SCBA composites
  • Cascades
  • Standard DOT: 3A, 3AA, 3AL
  • Standard UN: ISO 9809-1, ISO 9809-2
  • DOT Special Permit: SP7235, S9421, SP909, SP0915, SP0945, SP11194, SP11197, SP13485, SP14387
Hydrostatic Testing
Ultrasonic Testing

What is Ultrasonic Examination?

Our UE systems offer the latest in requalification technology. Valves are not removed, eliminating internal contamination.

  • A fraction of the cost compared to hydro testing
  • Ideal for welding and specialty gases
  • No internal cylinder contamination
  • Valves are not removed, lowering risk of cylinder damage

Ready for cylinder requalification services?

From hydro testing to ultrasonic examination (UE)—we’re here to help service a broad range of cylinders.