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PPE Cleaning & Repair Services

Fire Safety Services is dedicated to maintaining lifetime customers. From your very first purchase to yearly advanced PPE cleaning, advanced inspections, and repair services, we’re with you every step of the way.

Firefighter in action

We offer a 2–4 day turnaround time for cleaning services on all firefighter personal protective equipment.

Hazmat decontamination and disinfection is also available. Turnaround time is based upon the types of items that need this service, as well as shipping or delivery location.

We also provide advanced inspection of PPE for potential safety hazards and follow up with recommended repairs. If your PPE items require repair, you can expect a turnaround in approximately 5-10 days. Inspections can be bundled with cleaning services or purchased separately.

All of our alteration and repair services are to manufacturer and NFPA 1851 standards. We are a verified ISP, so you can remain confident in your PPE’s safety and durability. Double lock stitch reinforcement and custom cut, individually finished Velcro pieces are standard in our repair processes.

Cleaning, inspection, and repair services include—but are not limited to:

Advanced Cleaning

  • Spot treatments
  • Disassembly of multi-layer garments
  • Storage of forgotten personal items from pockets
  • Laundering of outer shell
  • Laundering of inner liner
  • Laundering of DRD
  • Cabinet drying of all elements
  • Reassembly of complete garments
  • Record keeping paperwork provided

Advanced Inspection

  • Inspection of all seams
  • Inspection of all closures
  • Inspection of Reflective Trim
  • Hydrostatic testing of moisture barrier—when required
  • Inspection of integrity of thermal barrier


  • Velcro replacement
  • Patches
  • Name patches & panels
  • Reflective trim
  • Cuff replacements
  • D-rings
  • Hooks
  • Rivets
  • Snaps
  • Shoulder pads & patches
  • Suspender buttons
  • Wristlets
  • Zippers

Is it time to get your PPE cleaned or repaired?

Whether it’s PPE cleaning, inspection, or a repair—we’re here to service all of your gear to NFPA 1851 standards.