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Our Fire Safety Services sales specialists are committed to enhancing your experience with customized gear and personalized services.

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Unlike other PPE suppliers, Fire Safety Services has dedicated, full-time sales professionals who are expert in custom fitting gear to the person who wears it. Detailed measurements and personalized fittings mean equipment is precisely made to order.

We are also committed to PPE technology trend research. As new products are released, we gather information on safety, wear testing, and cost effectiveness. Our job is to forecast equipment changes and educate our customers on the fundamentals of PPE outfitting. So, you get everything you need—and nothing you don’t.

Find the Sales Specialist in Your Region

Justin Burch

Northwest Ohio Sales Representative
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Jeff Tangeman

South Central Ohio Sales Representative
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Chris Niswander

Apparatus Sales Representative
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Brent Schmerge

Southwest Ohio Sales Representative
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Julie Niswander

Northeast Ohio Sales Representative
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Chris Kunze

North Central Sales Representative
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Allison Burch

Project Coordinator
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