Turnout Gear & SCBA

Self-Containing Breathing Apparatus

Having the right SCBA is crucial to every firefighter. We are proud to represent MSA products—the worldwide leader for SCBA gear for more than 100+ years.

Breathing apparatus in action

Your Single-Source for the New MSA G1 SCBA Line

The G1 line is the most comfortable, streamlined, balanced, configurable, and customizable SCBA ever produced by MSA. The new line features a single central power system,  HUD displays, and a swiveling lumbar pad for optimal ergonomic support.

  • SCBA Remote Connection Cylinders (2216 psig – 4500 psig)
  • SCBA Direct Connection Cylinders (2216 psig – 4500 psig)
  • Cylinders (5500 psig Systems)
  • G1 SCBA Facepieces
  • G1 SCBA Facepiece Accessories
  • G1 SCBA Batteries & Rechargeable
  • G1 SCBA Quick Connect Adapters
  • RFID Readers / Writers
  • G1 SCBA Accessories

Want to know more?

Learn what makes the G1 SCBA Line the premier SCBA for your firefighters.

Trust the Pros To Get Your Purchase Right

As new technologies are introduced, our experienced Fire Safety Services team is skilled in vetting the aptitude of new-to-market products. We’re also dedicated to ensuring that every fire professional has a properly fitted face piece. Demo units are available to test out before finalizing your order. This ensures you’ll receive equipment that fits and performs to your standards.

  • Ohio-Based Full-Time Sales & Service Teams
  • In-Depth Product Knowledge
  • Custom Measurements
  • Assemble-to-Order Customizations
  • Demo Units Available By Request
  • Sales backed by MSA 15-Year Warranty

Interested in Learning More About SCBA Sales?

Speak with one of our full-time sales professionals to find out more about SCBA demo units, the MSA brand, or placing a custom order.